Thaidra Alfred – Featured profile – Daybreak Star

Thaidra Alfred, Cowichan, is a member of the United Indians staff working at Daybreak Star. She is a 1983 graduate of the Head Start program, which she attended for two years to prepare for kindergarten.

Her mother was Cowichan, with all her family up on Vancouver Island. Daybreak Star became a second home and family for Thaidra and her Mom.

When she first started in the program, Thaidra was a very shy 3-year-old. With help from the Head Start staff, she gained the social skill necessary to become a successful kindergartner, and built a foundation to help her be successful in the rest of her education.

Thaidra is show here on her first day with Head Start and on graduation day.

Her mother was active in volunteering, and Thaidra remembers volunteering at the SeaFair Pow Wow many times as a child. When her Mom passed away in 2005, Daybreak Star provided guidance to help Thaidra with proper ceremonies, as well as transportation and space for the ceremonies.

Thaidra graduated from college in 2011, and became a foster care licenser at Daybreak Star, where she continues to work today. She still considers Daybreak Star her “local family.”

Thaidra still has the shawl from her HeadStart graduation.

Photo credit: Ramona Ridgewell, United Indians of All Tribes Foundation

Copyright ©2014-16 Ramona Ridgewell. All rights reserved.

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