Serious Pie is Seriously Delicious

Last night, a friend and I were on our way to The Moore Theatre to see the closing of Jerry Springer The Opera, which by the way, was amazing! We decided to eat close to the theatre and had both been thinking of trying Serious Pie, a Tom Douglas restaurant. We were so glad we did!

Serious Pie is an open, yet intimate place where customers share common tables. The huge old-growth beams that hold up the ceiling make it a little rustic and add to the warmth of the room with their reddish Doug fir color. Cozy is the best description. Our show was at 6:30, so we arrived at 5:00 and only had to wait for a space to be cleared before being seated.

We were attended to by Scott, who helped with the dinner choices and then was always nearby, but non-intrusive. We shared the mixed baby bib salad with radish and moscatel vinaigrette (2 @ $8), and a pizza with roasted seasonal mushrooms and truffle cheese ($17). Scott recommended a nice, full-bodied red, Cabomon Augurio 12 – Lombardy ($9 per glass), that complemented the pizza wonderfully.

The salad was made of mixed lettuce so fresh it could only have come from The Market that morning. The dressing was lemony and fresh, enhancing the crispy green leaves and crunchy radishes.

An applewood burning oven makes pies with a blistered, toasty crust. Our mushroom pizza was wonderfully earthy and baked just the right amount of time. Splitting it provided a perfect amount of food for two, along with the salad.

Overall, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend a visit, especially if you’re attending something at The Moore. It’s literally a block away.


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