Why I’m a Chrome Girl

I’m not really much for girly things, but last year I started occasionally wearing nail polish. I do fun things like stripes in three colors or diagonals with two.

A couple of things drove me to try Chrome Girl. First, I recently started following David Boreanaz, and that’s a totally different story. But, it turns out his wife, Jaime, is a co-owner of Chrome Girl, along with her friend and partner, Melissa Ravo. I love it that a couple of Moms can come up with an idea and create a business from it. They are in NYC this week for Fashion Week 2014. I wish them the best of luck.

The story of how Chrome Girl got started intrigued me. Jaime and Melissa both have young daughters and were concerned about the toxicity of the nail polish they were putting on their kids’ fingers. I’ve had a similar concern since nail polish contains solvents and other nasty chemicals. And traditional remover is pure solvent (acetone). Bad stuff that absorbs through the skin and deposits in the liver.

So, early last year, the two Moms decided to create a less toxic polish. It is 5-Free (which means it is produced without formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, fomaldehyde resin or camphor), vegan, and, best of all, made in the USA. All much better than the toxic stuff I had been using.

You might think a non-traditional polish wouldn’t work as well. Not so. I’ve tried several different colors and all have applied evenly to give a beautiful, silky finish, even with a single coat. It doesn’t chip or peel. If it needs touch ups, it goes on so smoothly that you can’t tell where the new polish starts.

A cool idea they have is to package colors in threes to match the colors of NHL teams. I’m waiting for the Canucks colors to become available, but they’re already offering nine teams.

They are also currently offering a Valentine’s Day package with Love Note, Pillow Talk, and Between The Sheets, a pretty red, pink and white combination.

Chrome Girl Valentine's Package

Chrome Girl Valentine’s Package

The single bottles are $12.00. Three bottle combinations are $29.95. See them all here.

I am so happy with the product and the selection of colors that I am now wearing it every day.

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