Snoqualmie Tribe Donates $150,000 to United Indians of All Tribes

On Thursday, I had the honor of being invited to a ceremony where the Snoqualmie Tribe presented United Indians of All Tribes with a check for $150,000. The donation is a response by the Tribe to the dire situation United Indians found themselves in starting last year. Government budget cuts left Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center struggling to remain open.

“The work that Daybreak Star does for Northwest Natives and others is critical,” said Snoqualmie Indian Tribe’s Chairwoman Carolyn Lubenau. “The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe wanted to ensure that the Center’s programs are able to continue.”

Carolyn Lubenau is shown here giving the check to United Indian’s Interim Executive Director, Jeffrey Smith, Makah.


The Snoqualmie Tribe has long been supportive of Daybreak Star, going back to its beginnings. Since they are relatives of the Colville Tribe, they have ties to Bernie Whitebear. If you visit the center, look up at the enormous spruce logs that hold up the roof. The logs were 600 – 1100 years old and were donated by the Tribe. They came from the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River and Taylor River watershed, up behind Mount Si. Children helped strip and shape the logs, and had a history lesson while matching significant world events, like the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, to the rings on trees. Weyerhauser was instrumental in transporting the logs in huge, over-sized trucks with only two logs on each bed.

Carolyn Lubenau and Randy Lewis, Colville, posing under the spruce log beams.


Thursday’s ceremony was one of thanks, reflection and prayer. Gifts to the Snoqualmie Tribe included a Marvin Oliver print depicting Bernie Whitebear, as well as a blanket and certificate of appreciation.

Randy Lewis presenting the Oliver print to Carolyn Lubenau


Chrissy Harris and Lynnette Jordan presenting a blanket to Carolyn Lubenau.


Group photo.


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