Tributes to Young Filmmaker

Sarah Jones was the young filmmaker who was killed while working on a film on February 20, 2014. The accident that led to her death and the injuries of seven other crew members is still being investigated and filming has shut down.


From Facebook

Yesterday, in Savannah, GA, there was a tribute celebrating the life of Jones, WSB-TV reported. The memorial, put on by members of her union, was attended by hundreds of friends and members of the film community.

Last night, at the Academy Awards presentation, many filmmakers chose to honor Sarah Jones by wearing black lapel ribbons. These included many members of the Gravity team, who were seen accepting their Oscars: Chris Monro (Sound Mixing team), Timothy Webber (Visual Effects team), David Shirk (Visual Effects team) , Glenn Freemantle (Sound Editing) and Mark Sanger (Film Editing). The Academy included a banner at the end of the memorial presentation, as well as including Jones’ photo on the memorial page of their webpage.


From Facebook

On the Facebook page, Slates for Sarah, photo memorials continue to pour in from around the world, and the number of page “likes” has grown to over 65,000. During the Oscars, @SlatesForSarah was atwitter with reports of ribbon sightings.

Tomorrow night, there is a candle-light vigil planned for 6:30 PM EST in Charlotte, NC. Another candle-light vigil is happening at 6:00 AM PST in Los Angeles, where more than a thousand are planning to attend.

If you would like to honor Sarah Jones, donations can be made to: BC Education Foundation, Sarah Jones Scholarship Fund c/o Brookland-Cayce High School 1300 State Street, Cayce, SC 29033.

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