Booth is a Better Superhero than Batman

It’s interesting that David Boreanaz told, “I would love to be Batman! That would be cool. I would love to do a superhero movie!” Boreanaz is already playing a superhero in the role of Seeley Booth on “Bones” (FOX).

Booth far outshines Bruce Wayne/Batman in the superhero world. Both of them had rough beginnings and tough circumstances to deal with during life. Even though Batman fights evil, he doesn’t seem to mind killing people. Booth struggles for redemption for the killings his government asked him to do as a soldier and as a special agent for the FBI, and does everything he can to prevent the death of those he is pursuing. When required to kill someone, he feels remorse and seeks forgiveness.

The super villains Batman fights are very similar to some of the characters Booth fights, especially the insane serial killers. But Booth has compassion for almost everyone and tries his hardest to find a way to take them in without resorting to killing them.

The secrecy around Batman’s identity means he is always hiding something he cannot share, even with those he becomes romantically involved with. Wayne’s whole rich playboy persona is a lie. 

Booth, on the other hand, is open, honest and down-to-earth. What you see is what you get. And, Booth is a hero in the truest sense. He served his country and didn’t hesitate when called to go back to the war zone. He continues to serve his country working for the FBI.

Most of all, Booth has a solid, long-lasting and loving relationship with his partner (and now, wife), forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan (played by the lovely Emily Deschanel).

Even so, I’d have to agree; it would be really cool to see Boreanaz portray Batman. 

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