Luc Robitaille Celebrity Shootout 2015

Fun! is the only way to describe the Luc Robitaille Celebrity Shootout, which took place on Sunday, January 25, at the Park City Ice Arena in Park City, Utah. All proceeds from the hockey game go to support Echoes of Hope. Founded by Luc and Stacia Robitatille, Echoes of Hope is a wonderful non-profit organization that provides support to emancipated foster youth, as well as other youth in need.

Scheduled to coincide with The Sundance Film Festival, this annual family event starts with youth hockey clinics where former NHL hockey players get out on the ice with the kids and coach them on strategies and techniques for becoming great hockey players. It was great to see the big guys out on the ice doing drills with the potential future NHLers.

The main event attracts NHL greats and Hollywood celebrities alike, many who have participated in previous years, some every year since the first game, seven years ago. This year’s roster included, on Team Echoes: Luc Robitaille, captain (LA, PIT, NYR, DET), John Ondrasik, coach (Five For Fighting), Glen Murray, coach (BOS, PIT, LA), John Kidd, coach (wait! What’s an NFLer doing coaching hockey?), Derek Armstrong, asst. captain (NYI, NYR, LA), Pierre Turgeon, asst. captain (BUF, MTL, STL, …), Allison Baver (USA Olympic Bronze Medalist), Tom Bernard (Co-pres. Sony Pictures Classics), Mike Donnelly (NYR, BUF, LA, …), Nelson Emerson (LA, CHI, STL, …), Jesse Giddings (E! Chief News Correspondent), David Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place), Riker Lynch (R5), Rocky Lynch (R5), Isaiah Mustafa (Back in the Day), Jessarae (musician), Michael Rosenbaum (Back in the Day), and Brad Smyth (FL, LA, NYR, …).

On Team Hope, captain Rob Blake (LA, SJ, COL) and coaches Stacia Robitaille (Founder of Echoes of Hope), Taylor Dayne (musician) and Andie MacDowell (Sex, Lies and Videotape) led Larry Murphy, asst. captain (LA, WAS, DET, …), Sean O’Donnell, asst. captain (LA, MIN, ANA, …), David Boreanaz (Bones), Anson Carter, asst. coach (EDM, LA, BOS, …), Mike Commodore (NJ, CAL, CAR, …), Chris Klein (LA Galaxy), Ross Lynch (R5), Ryland Lynch (DJ with R5), Matisyahu (musician), Steven R McQueen (Vampire Diaries), George Parros (ANA, LA, MTL, …), Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills 90210), Michael Vartan (Alias), Ray Whitney (CAR, PHX, EDM, …), who just retired last week after 22 years in the NHL, and Ken Baker (E! Chief News Correspondent).

Sponsored players included: Chris Bernard, Chuck Pierce, Patrick Perrett, Justin Sintic and Eric Rosenbaum.


As Team Hope hit the ice, clown David Boreanaz skidded across the ice on his back to join his teammates, starting a trend. George Parros followed sliding on his seat and paddling like he was in a kayak. After all the players were out, Taylor Dayne sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem to get the game started.

EchoesShootout-Boreanaz-GrandEntrance2-8241 EchoesShootout-Boreanaz-GrandEntrance3-8243EchoesShootout-Parros-KayakEntrance-8250

David Boreanaz faced off against Derek Armstrong for the puck drop, and the game was under way. Scoring first was Jesse Giddings, wearing the white jersey of Team Echoes, assisted by Michael Rosenbaum.



The Lynch brothers were active participants on both teams with assists on the next two goals, Rocky for Team Echoes and Ross for Team Hope. Then, Riker scored for Team Echoes.


Other first period goals included ones made by Matisyahu for Team Hope, Derek Armstrong (Team Echoes), David Henrie (Team Echoes) and Nelson Emerson (Team Echoes).

EchoesShootout-1stPeriod-22-8332 EchoesShootout-1stPeriod-2-8264 EchoesShootout-1stPeriod-4-8277

As the first period progressed, there were more and more tussles between Boreanaz and Armstrong, culminating, during the last minutes of the period, in gloves and helmets being thrown off.


After bringing the game to a stop and jerseys being ripped off, both players got five minute penalties for fighting, as did Team Echoes coach Ondrasik (who is Five For Fighting). Of course, this was all staged to bring some NHL excitement to the game.


See all the photos of the fight here. See end of this post for more photos of lots of the players.

Riker Lynch started off the second period with his second goal of the game, keeping Team Echoes well in the lead.


The second period had little other scoring except for one by Pierre Turgeon and one by Michael Rosenbaum. Maybe everyone was recuperating from the strenuous first period at the high altitude of Park City (7000′).


Between periods, there was a race between Ross Lynch and Allison Baver. Guess who won?


In the third period, play picked up, with several more goals, including ones made by Rocky Lynch and Michael Rosenbaum, both for Team Echoes, and an assist by Boreanaz for Team Hope. In honor of all the Canadiens present, Rosenbaum sang Oh, Canada.


Late in the period, Rosenbaum was issued a two minute holding penalty, which he didn’t agree with. In the end, it didn’t matter, since they let him stay on the ice.

EchoesShootout-3rdPeroid-30-8600 EchoesShootout-3rdPeroid-31-8601 EchoesShootout-3rdPeroid-32-8602 EchoesShootout-3rdPeroid-34-8612

The final score was Team Echoes 13, Team Hope 10. But at an event like this, everyone is a winner.


The winning team was presented with the Stanley Cup and made a big show of it.

EchoesShootout-PostGame-5-8675 EchoesShootout-PostGame-8-8699 EchoesShootout-PostGame-9-8702 EchoesShootout-PostGame-10-8708 EchoesShootout-PostGame-11-8709 EchoesShootout-PostGame-12-8716 EchoesShootout-PostGame-13-8720EchoesShootout-PostGame-StanleyCup-2-8745

If you would like to find out more about Echoes of Hope, visit their webpage, or, better yet, make a donation to support this very worthy cause.

More photos of Michael Rosenbaum here.

More photos of Isaiah Mustafa here.

More photos of David Boreanaz here.

More photos of Allison Baver here.

More photos of Jessarae here.

 More photos of John Ondrasik here.

More photos of R5 here.

More photos of Matisyahu here.

All photos by Ramona Ridgewell, Copyright © 2015 Ridgewell Services, LLC. All rights reserved.

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