Michael Rosenbaum at the Music for Hope/Luc Robitaille Celebrity Shootout 2015

On Saturday, January 24, Michael Rosenbaum hosted the Echoes of Hope benefit concert, Music for Hope. On Sunday, he was one of the players at the Luc Robitaille Celebrity Shootout in Park City, Utah. Here are some photos of him at the events.

Here are links to my blogs about the Luc Robitaille Celebrity Shootout and Music for Hope.

EchoesMusic-MichaelRosenbaum1-8084 EchoesMusic-TaylorDayneAndMichaelRosenbaum1-8059 EchoesMusic-TaylorDayneAndMichaelRosenbaum2-8060 EchoesShootout-1stPeriod-18-8319 EchoesShootout-1stPeriod-29-8350 EchoesShootout-1stPeriod-Rosenbaum1-8265 EchoesShootout-1stPeriod-Rosenbaum2-8345 EchoesShootout-1stPeriod-Rosenbaum4-8378 EchoesShootout-1stPeriod-Rosenbaum5-8380 EchoesShootout-2ndPeroid-22-8453 EchoesShootout-2ndPeroid-23-8457 EchoesShootout-2ndPeroid-26-8467 EchoesShootout-2ndPeroid-40-8501 EchoesShootout-2ndPeroid-42-8509 EchoesShootout-3rdPeroid-10-8557 EchoesShootout-3rdPeroid-17-8568 EchoesShootout-3rdPeroid-37-8620 EchoesShootout-3rdPeroid-38-8622 EchoesShootout-PostGame-2-8666 EchoesShootout-PostGame-6-8687 EchoesShootout-PostGame-8-8699 EchoesShootout-PostGame-IsaiahMustafa-MichaelRosenbaum-1-8739

All photos by Ramona Ridgewell, Copyright © 2015 Ridgewell Services, LLC. All rights reserved

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