How Many Gun Deaths Are Acceptable?

If you watch The Voice, you might be familiar with Christina Grimmie. She was third runner-up in season 6. Since then, her career has been taking off. After performing at a concert last night in Orlando, she was murdered. She was 22. The gunman was able to carry two handguns, two loaded magazines and a large hunting knife into the concert venue. [1]

With our current liberal gun laws, I’m not sure what the solution to preventing this is. The concert hall apparently searches backpacks and handbags, but obviously this wasn’t enough.

We could create laws requiring all public places to install metal detectors, but that would cause outrage among the gun owners who believe they have a constitutional right to carry arms. It would also incur great costs to the venues that would get passed on to customers. And, can you imagine how long it would take to enter an event like a baseball game or rock concert?

We could change our gun laws (good luck with that one). Last year, nearly 13,000 people died in the US from gun violence, excluding suicides, which account for more than 20,000 additional gun deaths each year. We don’t talk about that too much. That’s damn near 100 a day, or about 4 an hour. Do you hear about all those in the news? Can you imagine hearing about a gun-related death every fifteen minutes? No wonder we’ve become so numbed to all these deaths. [2, 3]

Or we can just proceed as we’ve been doing, and write off another young life as a collateral damage in the war zone we’ve allowed to develop in our country and grown so inured to.

I remember a campaign by the Washington State Patrol last year, where they asked people how many car accident related deaths were acceptable each year in Washington State. There was a wide variety of answers–150, 1200, more. Ask yourself this question. Then, they asked, “How many deaths in your family is acceptable?” Guess what? The answer was zero. I think we should start asking that same question about gun deaths.

My heart goes out to Miss Grimmie’s family, friends and fans. I can’t imagine the loss of child–especially from such cruel and unnecessary violence. My heart also goes out to the gunman’s family. He killed himself, so doesn’t have to live with what he did. They have to live the rest of their lives knowing it was their son, father, brother, uncle, cousin, who took this young woman’s life.

Photo credit: NBC News

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