New Music Program at First Place School

Do you remember your first musical instrument? It was likely a recorder, which is what I learned on when I was in fourth grade.


There is a new music program, Music Matters, starting this year at First Place School, led by their new principal, Chris de Leon. They need recorders and music to help make the program a success.


My little business, Who’s Giving, is featuring this program for September. We would like to put a recorder in the hands of each of the sixty children in the program. A ten dollar contribution is all it takes.


Yes. That is Russell Wilson. He attended Breakfast on the Beach, the annual fundraiser for First Place, that took place July 18th this year. He’s with some of the kids that will learn to play recorders this year.

Find out more about Music Matters, First Place, how to donate and other ways to help on the Who’s Giving website.

Photo credits:
Flanders Recorder Quartet
Russell Wilson via First Place School
Ramona Ridgewell

Copyright ©2014-16 Ramona Ridgewell. All rights reserved.

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