My First Literary Rejection

Yay! I got my first rejection, from Bards and Sages Publishing, for “Once There Were Men.” I have not had time to write much in terms of short stories, so this was my first submission. I got much appreciated feedback. Very excited!

They gave me a scorecard:
Category Score
Character Development 
Grammar/Punctuation 4
Narrative Voice 3
Originality 2
Plot 2
Final Score 2.750

It’s probably a pretty bad score, but now I know more of what they are looking for. Bards and Sages left a comment on The Wolf Dreams Books Facebook page: “It is always nice when someone takes a rejection in stride. If you are interested, we provide a breakdown of what those scores actually mean on the website.”

I also received Reviewer Notes: “To me, this reads less as a story and more as a brief lecture on the overall morality of the human species, or, in the author’s apparent view, the lack of it. The species is presented as callous and selfish in the extreme, but without any detail or nuance to the presentation. I actually have a difficult time classifying this as fiction rather than opinion as there’s little in the piece designed to make me feel rather than tell me how horrible my species is.”

After “Tishta the Crystal Orb” is out, I’m planning to focus on developing my short story skills. 2018 will be a year of discovering places to submit and how to write the stories they want to read.

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