About Me


Redefining self; former pirate still looking for treasure and adventure.

I’m a software developer, by trade, as well as a traveller, gardener, musician, writer and photographer. Now I have my own company, Who’s Giving, and I’m editing my first book, Tishta the Crystal Orb, Book 1 of The Wolf Dream Books, after receiving feedback from my editor on the first draft.

Who’s Giving is a fund raising site exclusively for non-profit charities. We are currently running a Children’s Campaign. You can follow us on Twitter at  or on Facebook at Who’s Giving. Or visit our page, whosgiving.com.

I’m posting blogs about what I’m learning as I go through the editing process of Tishta the Crystal Orb on The Wolf Dream Books blog. You can follow the books on Twitter at   and on Facebook at The Wolf Dream Books. Currently, I pulled all the recordings of chapters from Tishta that were on SoundCloud (on The Wolf Dream Books). When I get closer to actually publishing Tishta, I might start posting chapters again on both the book blog and on SoundCloud. Stay tuned.


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