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Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Every year on Take Your Child to Work Day, I am reminded of the way girls continue to be excluded from the sciences, especially Computer Science. Continue reading

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An Accessible and Usable GitHub Repository

Making your GitHub repository accessible and usable. Continue reading

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My JS Journey: A Promise in a Browser

Promises in the browser; adding a class; forking in GitHub. Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Polarized America

I asked myself, what are the most significant polarizing issues? I believe the biggest one is abortion. Continue reading

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Women Aren’t Directing TV and Film

I recently read two recent articles about the dearth of women directors in high-end movies. According to one article about 2012 movies, “Women accounted for 9% of directors working on the top 250 films in 2012.” In a more recent one for 2013 … Continue reading

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Why I’m a Chrome Girl

I’m not really much for girly things, but last year I started occasionally wearing nail polish. I do fun things like stripes in three colors or diagonals with two. A couple of things drove me to try Chrome Girl. First, I recently started … Continue reading

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